How to read newspapers online for free without downloading software

Have you been in search of the best way to read newspapers online? If you are not happy with the online version of newspaper, then you should definitely go for print newspaper as it gives you a great view and provides you with information that you will never get from the Internet.

But the question is where you can read the newspaper when it’s raining outside and you don’t want to go inside because of the rainy weather. I know its tough situation for you and if you ask me how to read newspapers online for free then I will answer that you must download the software or plugin.

downloading software

However, you can also read newspapers online using your smart device or laptop. This will give you a better solution for reading newspapers online, look at this.

There are lots of websites where you can get daily papers from the UK and the US. The main reason behind this is that those websites have millions of daily papers and also this will help them to earn lots of money as well. You can read the news for free from these websites and you can access them at any time.

Use any browser

All you need to do is just install any of the browsers, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer, Safari or others and then browse through the newspaper that you wish to read.

Go To the Website and Install the Reader

The second method is pretty simple and straightforward. Just go to the website and download the reader as it will come with the instructions of how to use and install it on your system.

The third method is to use RSS feeds

The third method is to use the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) which is a free and open format to deliver and syndicate content to multiple destinations. When you subscribe to an RSS feed it will update as and when the news is published and also provide you with the new posts, which are added on a daily basis.


I hope you loved reading the newspaper online for free, but there are still a few things that you need to know. For example, if you are searching for the best way to read newspapers online, then you should always try the first and second methods as they are free and easy. If you can’t do that then you can go with the third method that is the RSS feeds and read the articles.

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